The iDukan app is the best app to track and manage your Dukan diet, maximising your chances of a successful diet.

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iDukan comes supplied with recipes, created by our very own chef and new recipes are automatically downloaded.

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Android app on Google Play

iDukan was designed by a team who have successfully followed the Dukan diet, and understand what users want from an application.

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5 out of 5 stars
Android app on Google Play

App Features: everything you need for your Dukan diet

Diet Status View progress at a glance

iDukan will tell you which phase of the diet you are on, the remaining time and weight to lose, if you should eat pure protein or protein and vegetables and how much oat bran you should eat.

Measurements Record measurements

Track your weight loss by keeping a record of your weight throughout your diet and record key measurements including waist and neck.

Recipes Packed with tasty recipes

iDukan comes preloaded with delicious recipes, all of which have been put together by our very own chef. New recipes are introduced all the time for free and automatically downloaded to the app when they are available.

Diet Reminders Never miss a protein day

iDukan's reminders ensure that you stay on track with your diet and never miss important events such as your weekly pure protein day or your daily weigh in.

Built in Help Full documentation

iDukan includes a guide to the Dukan diet, explaining exactly how the diet works with recommendations to help you succeed. Also included is a comprehensive help guide with FAQ's to ensure you get the most out of the app.

Free Updates Free updates forever!

We think iDukan is great, but we've got some fantastic new features planned. You receive these updates for free, forever!

Reviews & Testimonials:

This app is brill .... my biggest issue with the Dukan diet is not the regime but in this hi-tech world of apps, they were still lagging behind.... this app fills the gap, and provides me with the instant access at the touch of an app!! Well designed, and provides all that is needed....WELL DONE AND THANK YOU..I can now refocus, and enjoy the whole of this life style again!!!!
Kjandfourkids, AppStore Review.
is a fine piece of software by Harptree Software